General information

Agia Efthymia has solved every basic problem (electricity, running water, telephone). Almost every old house has been repaired, while many new houses have been constructed and are being constructed. The permanent population has been reduced, but there are many who spend several days of the year there. The excellent climate and the fact that it is close both to the mountain and to the sea (Galaxidi, Itea), makes the village an ideal vacation place. Even during the winter, since it is close to the Parnassos winter ski resort, can be the base of the winter sports fans.
Agia Efthymia has a food market, bakery, cafes and tavernas for every taste. There is also a community clinic and the operation of a hostel for guests is in progress. It is only 8.5 kilometers from Amfissa, the Fokida Prefecture capital, driving in no time on the newly constructed road.

The permanent residents are pensioners, who mainly used to work for the bauxite mines. They take care of their olive trees, some have flocks of sheep or cattle, some work in construction, some are in various trades and others work as employees in various services.